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Mortgage-seekers never had it so good. There are not only discounting rates but also innovative deals available. Our online mortgage advice will be tailored to your needs.

At Cooper Mortgages, you'll find our advisers ready to give you the valuable online mortgage advice you need anytime you need it. We are adept at identifying just the right mortgage to suit you. Our independent advice does not tie you down to any one lender or institution, but instead gives you the freedom to choose mortgages from all high-street lenders. For great online mortgage advice based on a detailed study and analysis of the markets you can rely on us.

If you are unable to provide income proof or have a poor credit history, help is at hand. With various lenders now available rates can be substantially lower than previous years. Most lenders now offer a cascading system where minimal to heavy adverse credit will be graded accordingly.

Simply follow our simple 3 step guide below to find the most suitable mortgage for you.


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Some great online mortgage advice for you !

When you decide to apply for a mortgage, make sure you allow for a payment buffer. If interest rates rise, the ability to pay is a big issue. It's of major concern because defaulting on payments can mean your lender could repossess your home. So this is one piece of mortgage advice that must be followed faithfully. In the last few months rates have gone up by a small amount, which doesn't look significant at all, but if they did go up by larger amounts over the course of two years, they would add up to quite a tidy sum, so affordability is very important.

Another piece of good mortgage advice is that when you decide on the type of mortgage you want, you must take into account the costs of the following:

Estate Agent's fees : Normally, the agent selling your house will charge up to 2 or 3% plus vat of the eventual selling price.

Solicitor's Fees : Engaging the professional services of good solicitors are vital.

Stamp Duty : Here are the rates you pay on stamp duty land tax for 2010

Stamp Duty Land Tax for Residential Properties

The SDLT for most properties in the UK

• Up to £125,000 - 0%
• Over £125,000 to £250,000 - 1% (first time buyers rate is 0% in this category)
• Over £250,000 to £500,000 - 3%
• Over £500,000 to £1,000,000 - 4%
• Over £1,000,000 - 5% (from April 2010)

From 25th March 2010 to 31st December 2011 - First time buyers threshold increased to £250,000 (ie:0% stamp duty paid for homes valued up to £250,000 for first time buyers only). This will last until 31st December 2011.

From April 2010 - 5% rate for homes valued over £1,000,000

Example: You purchase a property with a sale price of £360,000 so you pay 3% on all of the £360,000 which is £10,800 to HM Revenue and Customs.

Removal Fees : A good removal firm is advisable. Costs can vary so get a number of quotations. We do have a removal service affiliated to The Cooper Partnership, so give them a try.

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CCJs, Defaults, Arrears, Discharged Bankrupts/ IVAs. Typical APR is 7.1%.
Buy to Let up to 85% Loan to Value
Council Right to Buy

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The Cooper Partnership DO NOT charge a broker fee:
Typical fees are 1% of mortgage.

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